Friday, January 25, 2008

More good news about illegal immigration.

"TUCSON- Politicians from the Mexican state bordering Arizona say they are receiving reports of migrants who are "self-deporting" and landing in border communities because of Arizona's employer sanctions law. The full effect of the law, which calls for punishing Arizona employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants but hasn't been used yet, is troublesome and unknown for Mexican lawmakers along the border."We have yet to feel the full impact, but the moment (immigrants) leave Arizona, we're going to have problems," said Enrique Flores Lopez, director of the state migrant advocacy department in the state of Sonora. " - Arizonia Republic
I say to these Mexican Officials Mi problemo , Su problemo! To which I add to our U.S. officials what a surprise ! Enforcement works! Please make a note of this.

"Nogales legislator Leticia Amparano, who met with Arizona lawmakers to learn more about the new law and its enforcement, said Mexican lawmakers have collected anecdotes about crowded classrooms and more people roaming the streets of downtown Nogales, Mexico, in search of assistance."

No say it isn't so! That sounds just like some towns like here in suburban Long Island:


Here is the money quote:
Sonora Gov. Eduardo Bours, said Mexico must do more than point a finger at the U.S.He launched the initiative "Migrantes Trabajando" ("Working Migrants") for deported countrymen who want to stay in Sonora. The program is designed to assist all deported workers, not just those from Arizona."We need to find the opportunities in our country," Bours said. "To me, it seems too easy to blame the United States and not do anything ourselves."

At least there is one elected official who knows what needs to be done. Unfortunately it's not Clinton, Obama or McCain it's Mexico's Governor of Sonora Eduardo Bours. But, at least someone is starting to understand the problem and is taking steps to allow the people of Mexico to live and stay in there own country instead of coming here illegally. And that's good news!

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