Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What does this mean?

"President Bush and congressional leaders moved closer to agreeing on a compromise economic rescue package yesterday, fending off fresh protests from both the right and the left as they rushed to respond to a cascading series of economic troubles and to head off a potential recession." -Washington Post

I was boarding the Amtrak train at Union Station in Washington yesterday. When I looked up and saw a rainbow in the late afternoon sun. Is it just a coincidence that this rainbow appears after the Federal Reserve lowers the interest rates. Speaking of pots of money at the end of the rainbow. Here is another money quote:
" As markets roiled from a sharp sell-off around the world and the Federal Reserve cut interest rates at home, Bush met with House and Senate leaders to work out a package of tax breaks for consumers and businesses. In an important concession to Democrats, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. signaled that he is open to including breaks even for those who pay little to no income taxes. "
I just hope that the Democrats and Bush mean that they will make sure that this money they want to give to people "who pay little of no income tax" will be Americans and not illegal immigrants who will send this money off to Mexico and other countries instead of it being spent here in the United States for our economy.

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