Friday, January 18, 2008

Pelosi's stimulus plan?

While we wait for the outcome of negations for the stimulus plan to help the U.S. economy. Which thanks to the bonehead bankers and mortgage companies who found out that maybe giving out $650,000 mortgages to illegal immigrants who only make $18,000 a year may not be a good business model after all.
We now wait for those other boneheads namely the pols in Washington to come up with their "stimulis plan". Here is one of the money quotes:
"Pelosi and Boehner have both stressed the need for an immediate, targeted infusion of federal funds into the economy, likely in the form of a small tax rebate coupled with some slight investment incentives for small businesses and a modest dose of social welfare spending for the lowest-income families."
My message to Pelosi and the Democrats is that if you are going to increase social welfare spending to the "lowest income families". you had better make DAMN SURE that those families are not in this country illegally.

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