Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is McCain riding the B.S. express to victory in New Hampshire?.

John McCain may be on a roll in New Hampshire but, not because of his "straight talk express". I was watching "highlights" of the Republican debate in New Hampshire. Although he tried Mitt Romney did not quite smack down John McCain on the immigration amnesty bill that McCain helped cook up last summer behind closed doors. But, it's not all Romney's fault because he and many others keep getting got the facts wrong thanks to the mainstream media where the Romney campaign are probably getting their debate points. Perhaps they should turn to the blogosphere where those of us who were following the issue pointed out how bad the immigration bill McCain supported really was. For example Romney tried to point out that the illegals would pay only %5,000 in fines if the the bill which McCain supported passed. WRONG! It was much worse than that! As I and others pointed out last year:
"The illegal immigrants under the Senate Amnesty Bill ONLY HAS TO PAY A FINE OF $1,000 to become legal to work indefinitely in the United States under the Senate amnesty bill. They ONLY have to pay the additional $4,000 IF the want to become a U.S. citizen."
If Romney had had his facts straight he could have put McCain away by attacking his Achilles heal which is his support for last years illegal immigrant bill. But, as I said it is not all Romney's fault. Even the mainstream media outlets like Time and the New York Times got the information wrong.

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