Sunday, June 04, 2006

Breakfast and borders.

I was invited to a breakfast by my local Town Democratic Commitee yesterday. The invitation mentioned I was invited because I was a super prime voter. That is I was a voter who not only voted in important general elections but, also primaries too. So I sent back my RSVP put on my "I love secure borders button" and attended.
I missed the entrance to the Hotel where the breakfast was held and had to travel down to the next intersection a there were at least 10 illegal immigrants were standing on street corners looking for work. Reminding me again of our insecure borders. I made my U turn and arrived back at the Hotel.
There we heard from local Democratic officals who actually are being responsive to the concerns of the local community regarding illegal immigrants because it is affecting the local commmunities. They have closed down illegal boarding room housing where 30 illegal immigrants have been found living in a one family house. The local officals are responding to the local people who elect them. Which is as it should be in our Republic.
Also speaking at this breakfast was my local Democratic Congressman who has not been so responsive to the concerns of those of us who elected him regarding illegal immigration. He spoke and never touched on the issue of immigration and high tailed it out of the room after his speech. Good thing too for I was ready to buttonhole him and tell him to drive down the road and see the results of the failure of the Federal Government to protect our borders standing on the street corners in our communities.


Anonymous said...

I live in Ca. and the house nextdoor has mexicans that donot speak a word of english and a lot of kids that are school age but do not go to school. But the odd thing is every month they move out and within a few days different mexican people move in. Its a cycle same thing no school, no english some times there are as many as 10 adults and 8 kids at a time in that house. Then like clock work after 30 days there are different people living there. What is going on do illegal immigrats need an address for 30 days? I don't speak spanish so I can ask them anything. There must be a reason for the 30 day stay.

BCP said...

Sounds like you are living next to an illegal smuggling operation "safe house". If I were you I would report what you see to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Their number is toll free: 1-866-347-2423. I would think it might be worth a call to the local FBI office too. It sure sounds ilke something funny is going on and as the government sez: "If you see something. Say something!" Something funny looks like it is going next door to you.