Friday, June 30, 2006

Senator Schumer must think we are smucks!

There was an article today in the Washington Post about how the Republicans in the Senate are rethinking their votes and positions on the recently passed Senate Immigration bill that gives amnesty to the illegal immigrants who have broken our immigration laws. They seem to be heading for tougher enforcment of our immigration laws which is a good thing and what the American voters/taxpayers including this Democrat demand of our elected leaders.
Also in the article are some comments from my Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Rahm Emanual about how "Democratic challengers will launch a coordinated effort to blame the Republican leadership for creating the immigration problems that the GOP now confronts."
The Dems are truly delusional and they must think the American people are schmucks! While some of the Republicans (especially George Bush) have a lot to be blamed for on the illegal immigration issue the Dems are neck deep in being a major part of the problem. There is no Tom Tancredo on the Democratic side fighting for the middle class of this country on the illegal immigration and border security issues. The Dems are very vulnearable. Especially Chuck Schumer as he was on the Judiciary Commitee and voted to bring the Senate Amnesty out of commitee and onto the floor of the Senate. With Dems like Ted Kennedy out in front in the Senate giving not only amnesty but, also giving Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants who used fraud and identy theft to obtain Social Security numbers the Democrats soapbox is only made of cardboard and won't hold up in the political debate on illegal immigration. The Democrats have very little to stand on giving their record on illegal immigration amnesty issue.

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