Wednesday, June 07, 2006

You don't need what?

"Republican Brian Bilbray beat Democrat Francine Busby" that's the headline that comes out of the special election in California for the congressional seat of digraced and convicted Congressman's Randy "Duke" Cunningham's seat. Why did the Dems lose? Maybe this explains it:
"Busby, who criticized Bilbray's work as a Washington lobbyist, hurt her own cause with a verbal blunder last week when she told a largely Latino audience, "You don't need papers for voting."
The defeat of the Democrat Busby should be a wake up call to the Howard Dean and others of the Democratic elite in Washington that they had better start to pay attention to the concerns of middle class voters if they want to take back the House during the next election. The Democrats in the Senate blew off America's middle class conserns when they voted to push through the Senate Amensty bill for illegal immigrants and if this race is any indication the Senate vote has woken up the sleeping middle class of America and they are paying very close attention to the issue. The question is the DNC in Washington doing the same?


Anonymous said...

I think was played up more than you think. It was played because of the minortiy of frightened Anglos fearing the unknown.

Busby lost because the other guy got more votes in a district packed with Rs. Pretty simple. She was NOT expected to win. Apprently her base (Democrats) supported her.

The attitude along the border community is this:

"We don't call a plumber when our TV goes on the fritz. And we don't call a mechanic when we need a doctor. So it's beyond me why so many people look to a congressman from suburban Denver to get ideas about protecting our international borders. But I'll give this much credit to Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo: he doesn't discriminate when it comes to the U.S. border with either Mexico or Canada. Three days after Canadian intelligence agents and police arrested 17 people suspected of plotting terror attacks on public targets, Tancredo was renewing his call for a wall between the United States and our northern neighbor."

It goes on to sum up the immigration issue pretty fairly (unlike this blog) in the context of American politics.

I notice you don't get much traffic here and i have seen any references to actually studies to substantiate economic claims (forget about the moral claims). The US gov't. has no moral ground to stand on with regard to immigration.

Anonymous said...

Wow, does that mean BeerCan is to the right (and perhaps more myopic) of Tancredo. I have seen Tancredo be served by immigrants at fancy lobby dinners. Oh yeah he only eats at places that don't hire illegals.... Rrrrright...

Glad to hear the northern border talked about. Don't think i hear much of the northern border much from ANY anti-immigrant source in the US.

This blogger on the hand uses goods and services of immigrants every day. and doesn't even know it (replace myopic with blind and dumb)...

PS Republicans control every branch of government so it is hard to understand why BeerCan blames Democrats specifically?

PPS i knew my ancesters made a wrong move when they helped the very first illegals (Pilgrims) survive those harsh New England winters.. tsk tsk... oh well, at least we have casinos.

BCP said...

Keep believing that. Busby lost on the immigration issue period. Not expected to win. Ha! She was even or a little ahead in the polls until she encouraged the illegals to do something illegal.
By the way U.S. citizens are not frightened of the unkown they are pissed off at what is actually happening to local communities and taxes by the influx of the illegal immigrants and also by national security concerns on both borders as well as illegal drugs coming across our borders too.
I will agree with you that the Federal Government is part of the problem that includes George Bush and the Senate who are out of touch with the wishes of the people. Yes, that it to secure the borders north and south.
It's also nice to see you are worried about the traffic of this blog. I'm not. You would be surprised who drops by to read it.

BCP said...

Maybe it is you who deaf and blind. You are the one who is myopic because you don't discern the difference between a legal and illegal immigrant. Which I do.
As for why I am harder of the Democrats it is because I am one and I am outraged at how they abandoned the concerns of the middle class voters/taxpayers in regards to the illegal immigrant and secure borders issue. From discussions with others I'm not the only one who feels that way. The Washington D.C. Senate elite are out of touch with the voters and may be in for a shock come this November.