Monday, June 08, 2009

Arizona rollover tragedy. Who is to blame?

Today was the day that there was supposed to be a meeting at the White House of the Obama administration and the groups like La Raza & Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez that want amnesty for the 12 million plus illegal immigrants in our country who blatantly choose to ignore our immigration laws. That meeting has been postponed until June 17th. mark that date on your calenders. But this morning CBS radio carried a news story of a rollover of a van in Arizona that was carrying AT LEAST 27 illegal immigrants. Eight were killed and 14 were air lifted to hospitals. Yes, this was a tragedy it's a tragedy for the illegals but the cold hard truth is nobody put a gun to their head and made them enter the U.S. illegally so my sympathy is limited for them. They obviously did not get the memo as Mickey Kaus points out that the illegals are returning home is record numbers. It is also a tragedy for the U.S. taxpayers who will be picking up the the medical costs for those illegals. Here is the money quote:

"We're looking at a lot of expenses tied in with this particular collision and unfortunately the worst part of it is, it's a loss of human life, the unnecessary loss of human lives, and the people who are obviously hurt and seriously injured,"says Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada.
Meanwhile U.S. citizens are going bankrupt trying to pay their OWN medical bills. Whose is to blame for this tragedy? Clearly the illegals themselves bare part of of it. The people who were transporting them too. But, I think that most of the blame belongs to our Federal Government. Now run by the Obama administration who continue to allow these illegals to cross our borders and have have an almost criminal lack of enforcement policy once they arrive here. Thanks in part to the liberal Democrats and especially to Homeland Security Secretary Janet NO(enforcement)politano. Bottom line is this accident and other similar incidents would not be happening if the Obama Administration and the Federal Government were doing it's job in border security and enforcing immigration law.

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Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Bush’s fence across Texas? Oh, Snap he must have lost interest, due to sending our border protection to another country to protect their border. TEXAS & CALIFORNIA are the culprits allowing these illegal’s into the USA, what are these states doing other than complaining? Read below what a Texas Senator had to say about beliefs and not facts. I understand where you are coming from now, knowing that the problems stem from Texas and no one has a clue on how to get a handle on it!

We live in the most corrupt state in the US (Illinois)and the difference between us Chicagoans and you Texans is we know it and your state still seems to blame the other states when the problem comes from Texas. Build a fence, keep being successful and pay no attention to the incompetents pushing their agendas. Texas has a way of playing the blame game…

The numbers below equates to 80%+ of Blue collars In need, or enrolled in some sort of Government program. These are based on true statistics…

At a Dallas press conference, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison blamed illegal immigrants for making Texas the national leader in uninsured residents. But hospital officials and state statistics don't back her up. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more. [...]
Texas leads the nation in the number of uninsured. When asked how she would solve that problem, Senator Hutchison blamed illegal immigrants.

Hutchison: We have the highest number of uninsured mostly because of the illegal immigrant population. State hospital officials say that's wrong. Ann Ward is a Vice President with the Texas Hospital Association, in Austin.

Ann Ward: People say illegal immigrants are a large part of the uninsured population but the studies I've seen by the Texas Department of Insurance, it's less than 20 percent of uninsured are illegal immigrants. And one thing we know, many of the people who come to hospitals for care. They pay, they pay cash.

In the past, particularly under the Bush administration, Mexican officials have complained that Washington failed to acknowledge the extent that U.S. drug demand and weapons smuggling fuels the violence.