Monday, June 29, 2009

LI Congressman Tim Bishop gets an earful from "activists" but, not the ones he is use too.

Why should the radical liberal ACORN "activists" have all the fun? Congressman Tim Bishop of Long Island found out what happens when middle class taxpayers are "silent no more" and start to let their elected leaders know how pissed off they are.

I've had my own issues with Tim Bishop on his support of amnesty for illegal immigrants. It looks like others have issues with him and the other liberal Dems who are running congress. People are not in the mood for pols like Bishop to try and fly under the radar and want results from our Federal Government. We are tired of being reminded of the Federal Government's failures like illegal immigrants loitering around on street corners. Excuses no longer cut it and the people who were willing embrace change with Obama are becoming active enough to make other changes that liberal Dems like Bishop may soon find out about the hard way in the next election.

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DanNY said...

You might be interested in seeing more of the action at Bishop's Town Hall meeting here: