Monday, June 29, 2009

CONYERS: The coward, the criminal and the "powers that be"

In a stunning example about how corrupt the ethics of the liberal Democrats now in charge of the congress have become two items stood out concerning the Democratic head of the House Judiciary Committee john Conyers. All of which was ignored by the liberal mainstream media. One was that his wife Monica Conyers a Detriot councilwoman pleaded guilty to Federal charges of conspiracy to commit bribery. That was bad enough but, even more egregious is that Conyers head of the Judiciary Committee is not going to be investigating ACORN the organization that is now a target of 14 voter fraud investigations. When Conyers was pressed why his committee would not be holding hearings he said the "powers that be" did not want it. Here is the money quote from the WASHINGTON TIMES:

"Pittsburgh lawyer Heather Heidelbaugh, whose testimony about ACORN at a March 19 hearing on voting issues prompted Mr. Conyers to call for a probe, said she was perplexed by Mr. Conyers' explanation for his change of heart.
"If the chair of the Judiciary Committee cannot hold a hearing if he want to [then] who are the powers that he is beholden to?" she said. "Is it the leadership, is it the White House, is it contributors? Who is 'the power?'"

Indeed who are the "powers that be" that led Conyers to drop any hearings into ACORN. It's a question that won't be asked by the liberal mainstream media that's for sure. But, we citizens should be demanding an answer to.

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