Saturday, October 22, 2011

OCCUPY DC: Come hear the noise?

I attended the Conservation International fundraising dinner in Washington DC on Thursday night at Union Station. It's an organization that tries to protect biodiversity and sustainable growth. But, that did not stop the radicals and Marxists who are at the center of the OCCUPY WALL STREET organization.
Yes the Leftists, Anarchists, Communists, & Trekkies were out there in protest. What they did not understand is when you stand just a few feet away the acoustics of the building just made their chanting sound like unintelligible background noise. I had to take my camera outside the reception area to get close enough to hear them.

One of the reasons they were there was to protest the fact the Robert Walton CEO of Walmart was one of the people being honored at the dinner. Well, I too had a beef with Walmart. So I figured why not go to the top! So after the dinner I went up to Walton shook his hand and then lodged my complaint. I pointed to my comfortable Earth Spirit shoes and complained that I had bought three pairs of them over the years at Walmart and then they stopped selling them. He smiled and said well maybe we can find you something to replace them.

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