Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You've got to wonder how clueless the people are at the boutique publicity firm WORKHOUSE PUBLICITY are. Specifically it's President Adam Nelson. The Daily Caller has the money quotes:

"Workhouse Publicity, a PR firm that has promoted the Occupy Wall Street protests, represents clients including stalwart capitalist brands Mercedez-Benz, Versace and Virgin Megastore, The Daily Caller has learned. The boutique luxury communications firm’s president also offered his services to the famed hacktivist collective, Anonymous."

Just listen to this lame excuse from the firms President Adam Nelson:

“Anonymous had not been covered extensively in the left-leaning media services that I get my news from,” said Nelson. “I didn’t have any identifier whether Anonymous was militant or non-militant."

TRANSLATION: The left wing media I read and listen to is not telling me the whole story of what is actually going on. So I never heard knew what the Anonymous group was all about. Duh! Sounds like WORHOUSE PUBLICITY needs to hire another PR firm ASAP. Because being clueless does not cut it today's world. Especially, if you a publicity firm with high end clients like Mercedes Benz.

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