Monday, October 03, 2011


Watching the antics of the anarchists and communists and their useful idiots who are camping out and demonstrating on Wall Street is amusing, irritating and disturbing to varying degrees. I'm sure some of the strings controlling these urban campers run all the way back to Moscow. They are Putin's street puppets. Just because the mainstream media says the cold war is over does not mean it is. Also with someone as clueless as Obama in the White House it creates a perfect opportunity for Putin to help create mayhem in this country from the inside. Social media today also makes it easy for them to drum up more useful idiots to swell the crowd numbers. They did this the other day by spreading the rumor that RADIOHEAD would be giving a free concert in the area. So Radiohead fans swelled the crowds. But, thankfully many of the RADIOHEAD fans left when they realized there would be no concert.  The fans are smarter than the Wall Street protest organizers give them credit for. Some of them knew they were being used.
One person who seems to have the pulse for what is really going on is author James Delingpole  whose new book WATERMELONS exposes some of the more nefarious forces behind the current "green" movement. You can hear some of his thoughts  in this  interview on Reason TV:

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