Friday, October 14, 2011


Whoopi Goldberg told a whopper the other day on ABC talking head show THE VIEW and nobody called her on it. Well, that's why there is the blogosphere. Big Journalism has the money quote:

"But I just think it’s very, very strange when people say ‘you know, this group is doing this, this group is doing that.’ When we’ve criticized the Tea Party when they spit on people that were going in to their work. It’s very different than putting your hand up and saying ‘you know, stop taking a ga-billion dollars and throw some of that money because cause you’re not putting any jobs out there,’” Whoopi Goldberg says on “The View.”"

Speaking of leftist Nancy Pelosi did the same thing on the ABC "news" show THIS WEEK on Sunday:

"Sunday on ABC”s “This Week” Nancy Pelosi shamelessly repeated the debunked lie that the tea party “spit” on congressmen during the walk to sign the health care law in spring of 2010. The thing is, Pelosi’s story never happened."

The question is are Goldberg and Pelosi just reading the latest "big lie" talking points from the Democratic National Committee or did these liberal dimwits come to repeat this falsehood on their own? I leave it up to you to decide. But, when it comes to spitting on people or defecating on Police Cars. The crowd of leftist who make up the Occupy (insert the city of your choice here) are the ones who who need to be called out too. Especially when some in the crowd Occupy Boston thinks it's OK to spit on a Coast Guard woman in uniform.  What charming folks these people are who occupy the streets.

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