Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well, it looks like the Washington Post has giving up on journalism and being the paper of record recently and is now carry water for the Democratic Party. This was painfully obvious after they ran a now discredited hit piece on Florida's Republican Senator Marco Rubio by Manual Roig-Franzi.  A reporter who always seems to have some nice things to say about the Castro regime. Whereas  Marco Rubio and many Cuban exiles do not. But, I think Steve Kruiser nailed it on why the liberal editors of the Washington Post allowed this hit piece to be printed. :

"Nothing frightens Democrats more than a minority voter who is a registered Republican. It severely disrupts the meme that the GOP is still secretly getting fitted for Klan hoods at party meetings. Democrats begin to sweat severely when said Republican begins to rise to prominence and they need to get the message out that this will not stand. That is why Rubio was immediately labeled a “risk” and Herman Cain was dismissed as “Pizza Man.”-Steve Kruiser

Then of course this is the same paper that knowingly had an illegal immigrant Jose-Antonio-Vargas working as a reporter at their paper for several years and said nothing until the story broke in the New York Times Magazine. Even then they only covered it in the "Style" section. Pretty pathetic for even a liberal "news" organization like the Washington Post. No wonder people don't trust media outlets like the Wahington Post to actually report the news these days.

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