Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bad Border Bill? Bad for whom?

One of the nicer presents that the House Congress people gave to the American Taxpayer was passage of a strict Border Security Bill. Which finally starts to address the illegal immigration problem and increases National Security at the same time.
However the Washington Post had an editorial on Wednesday "Bad Border Bill". To which I say bad for whom? I think it's great that Congress is finally trying to deal with the Fedaral problem of border security and illegal immigration and making stiffer penalties for those who violate our laws, use fradualte documents and also go after the businesses that circuminvent employment laws by hiring illegal aliens. Our laws must be respected. Unfortuntely many Democrats along with President Bush and the Liberal media like the Washington Post seemed to have missed that point
Meanwhile, it's the middle class taxpayers who are paying to subsidize this illegal workforce. Not only with increased crime in communities but, also through programs like President Bush's "Faith Based Intiative" where churches provide food kitchens for the illegals to have their meals and the middle class taxpayer pay for that too.

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