Sunday, December 11, 2005

Death in Paradise

Seven days ago I was wandering around Palencia Belize. It's a little village of about 500 people whose mainstreet is a sidewalk that meanders past the small colorful houses. It is still an unspoiled little piece of Paradise located along the southern coast of Belize. I had dropped my girlfriend off at the small Anglican church so she could pray for my soul while I walked along the path through the village. I came upon an out door coffee house under a thatched roof and most amazing to me was that they had high speed internet access. Since I had some time I decided to send some emails. After I was done and heading out my ears picked up the audio of a TV tuned to CNN. The newscaster was reporting on the deaths of four American soldiers killed in Iraq as I stepped onto the path.
I arrived back in Washington late last night and awoke this morning that four American soldiers had died in Iraq. After six days of sailing, out of communication with the "wired" It still feels as if I have never left.

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