Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ted Stevens Alaskan Oil Blues

Wearing his Hulk tie Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens lost a battle to have oil companies drill for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. Trying to use the National Security ruse that we needed to drill for oil there but, never mentioning how much Alaskan citizens would benefit from the oil revenues he lost when he could not muster the votes. As a U.S. taxpayer I often wonder why is it that only Alaska gets revenue from the Oil pumped off of Federal land in Alaska should not all citizens of the U.S. get a yearly check like the citizens in Alaska? Maybe if the oil in this refuge is so important to National Security Senator Stevens would not mind if the U.S. nationalized the refuge and used the oil to supply our Military needs and thereby save ALL U.S. taxpayers some money. If you think he would go for that idea I have a bridge to nowhere in Alaska that I liked to sell.

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