Friday, December 23, 2005

The Crazy Chiristian Cult Sesaon

I have just return back to Washington after spending a few days back on the Isle of Long. It seems every year the neighborhood just gets crazier crazier at Christmas time. This year was no exception as it reached new levels in guady displays in the Christian Cult celebration of the Baby Jesus.
New on the over the top displays I see in the neighborhood is the Bubble. This is a five plastic inflatable mockup of the glass bubbles that you shake and watch the fake snow flakes swirl around inside on some scene only these are on the lawn and are lit from the inside and each has a continuious rain of snowflakes thanks to some type of blower that is part of the display. Tacky you bet!
Then there are the seven foot tall inflatable Santas and Snowmen that reach their inflated height by electric blowers and internal lights too. However once the blowers are shut off they collapse onto the lawn. While heading to the Supermarket in the morning I drove past a few of the houses that had these collapsed Santas and Snowmen laying about and was reminded that this is what certain sections of Iraq might have looked like from time to time. Except they are real bodies strewn around the streets not inflatable decorations that are all over my suburban neighborhood. Seeing these deflated human like forms just gave me an erie feeling and just got me thinking about the carnage in Iraq and made me feel me feel that Jesus would be apalled at the guady displays in our neighborhoods.

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