Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Bush plan for victory?

Yesterday the Bush bubble traveled to Annapolis where the White House perception managment team made sure that the backdrop behind Bush which read "Plan for Victory" was in every camera camera shot. Funny, I never saw Bush in 2003 stand in front of a screen that had "Plan for War" maybe because there was none beyond sending troops into Baghdad. However I do recall a "Mission Accomplished" banner.
Bush tells us that he will not cut and run. So is he saying we will stay and die? They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Welcome to the Bush Iraq plan. The Bush plan is I will drive the car off the cliff but, I won't blink. That's fine but, unfortunately we are all in the back seat.


Bob said...

I actually support the President and I support our presence in Iraq, but yesterday's speech annoyed me because nothing is worse than spin. A Plan for Victory? Um, maybe it's me, but shouldn't we have had a "plan for victory" before going in? So why are we announcing it now?

BCP said...

Thanks for the comment Bob.
Bush ignored the Casper Weinberger doctrine that said you only go to war when you have exhausted all other options. He ignored this and was pushed along in his thinking by the Neocon cabal. Their plan was to invade Iraq and that's as far as their plan went. Now they are trying to cover up their failures and manipulate the facts with stunts like the media event on Tuesday. Unlike the PR buildup to the war it's not working.

paulsen said...

Bush sucks. I don't know what, but he sucks something!!!!!