Saturday, December 17, 2005

Good news from Washington!

It's not often these days that there is good news out of Washington D.C. but yesterday there were two good things. One was the Senate rejection of the extension of the Patriot Act and on the other side of Congress was the passage of a strict immigration bill that is a step in the right direction in protecting our borders and removing the burden from middle class taxpayers who subsidize the illegal workers so groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce can have cheap labor for their members. It was good news that some of the special interests did not get their way but, personally I am very dissapointed that my Congressman ,Tim Bishop a democrat of New York voted against it's passage. You know his office will be getting a call from this middle class taxpayer on Monday. It seems most of the Congressional Democratics just don't get the message that is coming loud and clear from the American taxpayers and voters about the growing illegal immigrant problem in our communities and it's root cause the failure of the Federal ZGovernment to protect our borders. At least most of the Republicans in congress do!

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