Saturday, December 31, 2005

A New Years Eve to Remember.

Most New Year's Eve celebrations I don't recall what was done. However, sitting here in Washington over-looking Rock Creek Park there is one New Years Eve that was memorable. I had traveled down from New York by train to enjoy an early New Years Eve dinner with my girfriend before getting on the Amtrak Nightowl back to New York as I had to work overnight in midtown Manhattan.
We went for our early dinner at Beducci's restaurant in Dupont Circle and then headed home where I had a few hours before the train was to leave Union Station. We laid down for a little snuggle and both fell asleep. When I awoke I had fifteen minutes to catch the train which would have been impossible. I wound up having to drive all the way to New York using my girlfriends car to get to work on time after having missed the train.
Even though I had had very little sleep that day I got a second wind in the cold air. I celebrated New Years Eve in my own little way on the Delaware Turnpike (I-95). As midnight came I was one of the few cars on the road. So I flashed my headlights and honked the horn to bring in the New Year. I was rewarded by being able to see the midnight fireworks put on by City of Wilmington Delaware. Sometimes being alone on New Years Eve on a dark highway can be as memorable as house full people. I still recall that drive on New Years Eve in 1998 with fondness even though I was alone. The thing is to enjoy every moment you have in your own special way no matter where you are.

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