Friday, January 06, 2006

Crazy Christians, Jews and bad Karma

That crazy Christian Pat Robertson is blaming Ariel Sharon's stroke on the Israeli leader's pullout from Gaza and because according to Robertson he is dividing Israel. What utter nonsense!
Everyone knows Sharon's stroke was caused by the prayers of the Palestinian Muslims praying for Sharon's demise because of the death and destruction caused by the Israeli occupation of Gaza. The Israeli pullout from Gaza was too little, too late. It could be that Robertson failing to realize that maybe the Muslim God can beat up his God.
But even if Robertson is right then we truly need to worry. Because the Hurricanes that damaged Florida in the last few years was also God's wrath. A direct result of Katherine Harris and Governor Jeb Bush using a faulty list to disqualify legal voters in the 2000 election effectively stealing the election for Jeb's Brother George Bush. I suspect God still may not be done with that state.
Katrinia no doubt was God's displeasure with the Louisiana Misissippi voting for Bush in 2004. Likewise the recent fires in Texas. As for the way things are going in Iraq....

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