Monday, January 30, 2006

Fred Barnes Bush's waterboy and Neocon cheerleader.

Of the Republican conservatives Fred Barnes is one of the funniest (not intentionally though just like Scott McClellan) waterboys for the administration. He has a new book about Bush and is currently on tour promoting it. In a recent interview even he just like the mainstream media could not actually remember what George Bush's military record was. It is a very funny exchange. Andrew Sullivan has the transcript at the Daily Dish.

By the way did George Bush ever show up for that Navy physical? Does character still count for the Republicans? Bush still has not answered the questions.
And by the way how did George Bush get a Texas drivers license without his Maine DUI conviction showing up in the records. Anybody gonna ask Alberto Gonzales the guy who arranged it and is now heading the Justice Department? So much for character and truth in the Bush Administration.

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