Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dick Cheney lying again!

Like the Jon Lovitz character on Saturday Night Dick Cheney is lying again. While it does not surprise me it angers me because he and the group of lying Neocons and blunderers have caused the deaths of tens of thousands people on both sides and still can not tell the truth. The Washigton Post has the latest lies from the Vice Presidents mouth. Inside the cozy conservitive confines of the Heritage Foundation Cheney once again opened his mouth and out came the lies and distortions once again. In trying to justify the Bush administrations bypassing of the FISA court warrents Cheney said about the 9/11 hijackers : "we didn't know they were here plotting until it was too late."
But as the Poast article points out that Cheney did not mention that the government had compiled significant information on the two suspects before the attacks. And that the Bush administration already had the power to eavesdrop on their calls and e-mails, as long as it sought permission from a secret court that oversees clandestine surveillance in the United States. But, they did not do it despite warning flags that should not have been missed.. Or maybe it's just Dick Cheney's circular reasoning is at work again and perhaps he does not know he is lying.

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