Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Illegal immigrants and I agree on something.

There was a op-ed by Lawrence E. Downes in yesterday's New York Times talking about the plight of "Day Laborers" which of course glossed over the fact the they were ILLEGAL "Day Laborers". It also hid the fact that these day laborers were also subsidised by the tax payers because the churches and other organizations who help these day laborers continue to llive in our communites are using our tax dollars to do it. Downes also mentioned that these same Day laborers get together in the chiurches and form ad hoc unions where they refuse to work for less then $10.00 and hour. There goes the cheap labor argument for businesses.
But, the one interesting point immigration was this:
"The day laborers' group held a forum in a Manhattan church basement recently to discuss the bills, and the general mood was pessimistic. Members spoke of a disconnect between grass-roots organizations like theirs and the large immigrant-advocacy groups in Washington. They had little good to say about the Senate bill, which has been held up by many immigrant advocates as the best deal obtainable. "

Well that is something the illegal immigrants and I can agree on. Yes the Senate Bill sucks but, the difference is I think it rewards the illegal immigrants for breaking our laws!

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