Saturday, July 15, 2006

The news from Newport News.

I headed south from Washington to attend a wedding in Virginia Beach. Along the way I stopped at the mariners museum in Newport News and picked up a copy of The Flagship the local newspaper of the "Hampton Roads Navel Family" every article was about the local industry: the Navy! One of the articles was about former President George H.W. Bush attended the landing of "the island" ( the 700 ton superstructure) of the aircraft carrier being named for himself. He was pleased to be able to attend and have a ship named for him while he was alive. Most people have ships named after for them after they are dead but, somehow the current elitist group of people running this country get such honors now. I think it would be better to name ships in honor of regular military personal who have died in the service of this country. But, of course there will never be enough ships, bases and outposts to give names to all the TRUE hero's of this country the enlisted members of the armed services. So I guess the ruling elites will continue to get their names on ships, bases etc... But, I maybe we should also start to name things for leaders like the current President George Bush even before he leaves office something like the "George W. Bush military cemetery". Bring it on indeed!

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