Thursday, February 07, 2008

Howard Dean makes me laugh!

I got an email from Howard Dean yesterday. It made me laugh. I guess since I am a registered Democrat I'm on his mailing list. Here are some of the Dr. Deans lines of mirth:

"Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are done. John McCain will be the Republican nominee -- he's the only one with a reasonable path to the nomination."

So Dean admits the fix is is in even though the voting is not over. Where was Howard Dean during the 2000 election? Seems that was the Republican argument for stopping the recount. How soon they forget.

"John McCain is a media darling, but don't trust his carefully-crafted image - he's worked for years to brand himself. From Iraq to health care, Social Security to special interest tax cuts to ethics, he's promising nothing more than a third Bush term."

John McCain media darling? Now this was a real laugh! A media darling as opposed to say Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton? As they say people in glass houses should not throw stones. I bet there a few broken windows at the Democratic National Commitee offices today.

"On immigration reform, he's run as far to the right as he can, aligning himself with the most extreme elements of the Republican Party."

This is the biggest laugh of all from Dean. Memo to Howard Dean those of us who follow this issue and see illegal immigrants standing around in our communities everyday remember it was called the McCain/Kennedy illegal immigrant amnesty bill. If you think McCain has gone to the right on the issue you are truly delusional and if you think having the Dems go to the left on the issue offering amnesty will win middle class taxpayers like myself. Think again.

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