Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Stimulus Bill and the corruption that caused it.

President Bush and congress had their photo op yesterday with the signing of the "Stimulus" Bill. Since I have paid my bills and loans on time, saved money and had some investment and work income that will just barely put me over the threshold. I will probably not recieve a check from the IRS from this legislation. However, since the money for the refunds of the stimulus bill will be borrowed I will be helping to pay it back in the future. And they wonder why we taxpayers are getting so angry.

But, while the lapdog pack mainstream media is mostly drooling over the Roger Clemens testimony there are more important storys that deserve more attention from the media and we the people that are directly related to why the stimulas bill was even created. Luckily, Washington Post reporter Carrie Johnson has a look at the roots of this financial meltdown and the corruption that caused it. Here is one of the "money" quotes:

"FBI officials said yesterday that they are conducting criminal investigations of 16 companies, while their partners at the Securities and Exchange Commission are probing nearly two dozen more. Those federal investigations follow subpoenas from attorneys general in at least four states and class-action lawsuits that target home builders, lenders, credit-rating agencies and the banks that packaged groups of mortgages into securities. "

This is a much more important story than if Roger Clemens got needles stuck in his butt. I say to the FBI and Security and Exchange Commission investigators: GO GET EM!

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