Friday, February 08, 2008

Marcela Sanchez is not an honest Hispanic

Today's Washington Post carried another disengenuious commentary by Marcela Sanchez. Who like many dishonest Hispanic pro-illegal commentators tries to make no distiction between legal and illegal immigration. here is the money quote:

"Yet, the anti-illegal immigrant sentiment will continue to loom large in this year's political contests at the state and local level. What's more, immigration will remain so contentious around the country that Republican and Democratic insiders predict that comprehensive reform of the kind President Bush pursued but failed to pass will be a non-starter for at least the next four years."

This is where Sanchez and others go off course. Immigration will not be a contentious issue and never has been in the current debate. Illegal immgration is the issue! Until disengenuious writers and open borders advocates like Sanchez start to know the difference between illegal and legal immigration there will be no progress in solving the problem. It's a very simple concept but, people like Sanchez do not seem to be able to understand it.

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