Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Well, here it is the big day the big media has been pushing on us voters for months. The corporate liberal mainstream media has already chosen a candidate for us on the Republican side and it is John McCain. But, they still have not made their minds up to tell us who they want on the Democratic side. Menwhile they ignore things like Mitt Romney's and Ron Pauls showing in states like Maine.
But, not everyone in the mainstream media is following the game plan by the two parties.
Rush Limbaugh is calling for the Republicans to not make McCain the nomineee. I never listen to Rush but, after seeing McCain's back room involment on the McCain Kennedy Amnesty bill for illegal immigrants this summer I have to agree with him. Here are some money quotes from the McCain campaign regarding Limbaugh:

"Isn't it better to get behind a Republican you may disagree with from time to time than work for an outcome that puts a Democrat in the White House with whom you will disagree all of the time?"

I'd say when it comes to John McCain the answer is no.

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