Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Illegal Immigrant lobbying day and another outrage!

I was sitting in the park across from Union Station here in Washington D.C.before heading over to the Library of Congress to do some research. I saw a group of people walking towards me who looked like lobbyists dressed in full uniform trench coats and suits but, in their midst where two or three immigrants wearing red T-shirts which read Immigrant Hotel Workers. They all carried folders that had something like Immigrant Lobbying Day written on them. It just gets this U.S. taxpayer outraged that the business interests who want cheap labor and the groups like Cathloic Charities who want more butts in their church pews and of course the lawyers who have the gumption to parade the illegals into the offices of our elected representatives while the Border and Immigration authorties look the other way. This outrage is no doubt in preparation for Senator Arlen Spectors proposal on Thusday to introduce legislation in the Judiciary Commitee to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens who have come across the U.S. border and broken our laws or substitute the equally bad McCain/Kennedy immigration proposal.
Check here to see what Senator Spector's or the worse McCain/Kennedy bills meanwhen compared to other propsals.

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