Friday, March 24, 2006

My Congressman Tim Bishop doesn't get it.

It seems some politicians just don't get the illegal immigration issue and why taxpayers are so up in arms about it.. My democratic Congressman Tim Bishop does not get that he is supposed to represent the interests of the people who vote in his district. He voted against H.R 4437 which is a strict immigration reform bill and one that addresses the MILLIONS of illegal aliens who have broken our immigration laws. Thanks to the lax enforcement by our Federal Government millions of these illegals are invading the middle class communities here on Long Island and around the country. The letter I got yesterday is the same form letter I got in January from him. No matter he still does not get that rewarding the illegals by granting amnesty to them is a bad policy. He also does not mention the burden on middle class tax payers in his district who subsidize the illegals through programs like George Bush's Faith Based Initiative where churches who operate food kitchens that feed the illegals are using U.S. taxpayer money to operate and provide other services to the illegals on our dime. He also ignores the burden on the middle class taxpayers who face increased school and social services expenses due to the increased population of the children of these illegals. I voted for Bishop twice though his position on the illegals tells me he (like many other Democrats and some Republicans like John McCain and George Bush) just don't understand the concerns and effects that this influx of illegals into our communities and the cost to U.S. taxpayers wallets. He will not get my vote this time unless there he REALLY addresses the concerns of middle class taxpayers like myself in regards to failure of the Federal Government to protect our borders and finally do something about this influx of illegals into our communities. Amnesty for people who have broken our immigration laws is not a solution.

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