Thursday, March 23, 2006

Irag News: The good, the bad & the ugly!

With the rescue of the Christian Peace hostages there was some good news out of Iraq. Though we don't have all the details they seem to be ok. Now maybe someone will tell Laura Ingram to just SHUT UP because I doubt she can sing.
The there was the bad news that the U.S. military can now pay Iraqi journalists using U.S. taxpayer money to plant "good news" in Iraqi papers. So much for the free press but, then in the Bush Administration ethics goes out the window when it comes to pushing their agenda. As shown by the atttempt to hoodwink the American public by hiring disgraced "journalists" like Armstrong Williams and others who were paid to write puff pieces pushing the Bush agenda. With the Bush administrations record of planted propaganda readers and journalist should do an inverse Ronald Reagan on the the news coming out of the Bush Whitehouse. That is: Verify and then trust.
And then there is the continuing ugly news out of Iraq. One that gets this taxpayers blood boiling

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