Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Illegal Immigration: Democrats sell out the middle class!

The the vote out of the Senate Judicary Commitee on illegal immigration was a sell out by the Democrats of the middle class taxpayers of this country. Instead of tackling the the border security issue first the Democrats along with some Republicans like John McCain and President Bush are granting amnesty to illegals who have violated immigration our laws, protected the "faith Based" organizations who harbor them and use taxpayer dollars to feed and shelter them, while business gets cheap labor subsidized by U.S. taxpayers and local communites see increased taxes in social services and school taxes. The middle class got screwed by the Democrats on this one as did the country.
Meanwhile the business who want the cheap labor had better take note of the demonstrations of the illegals in the past few days. They will not be working at the cheap rates for long. As the demonstrations show they will be banding together demanding higher wages. And as the walkout by the High School students in LA show that the next generation is not going to work at the pay and jobs their illegal parents are now doing. What will be the Democratic, McCain, Bush business solution?
More immigrantion of course!

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