Monday, May 22, 2006

Helping the enviornment one taxi at a time.

I arrived back in Washington at 1:30 am Sunday morning and got into a taxi at Union Station. The driver was talkative and it wasn't long before we began to discuss gas prices, oil companies, George Bush etc... He said his cab was getting about 9 miles per gallon. I mentioned I wondered why there were no Prius taxicabs in DC. He said Prius ? What's that? I then described the Toyota Hybrid car and it's impressive gas milage. I also mentioned my trip in a Prius Taxi in Vancouver two years ago. He had never heard of it. I then pointed out one in the next lane. He was very interested in it and would look into buying one as a taxi especially at todays fuel prices. I left the taxi hoping that maybe I may have done my little part in reducing our gas consumption and making the enviornment a little cleaner in the future from just a small conversation in a Washington DC taxi.

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