Thursday, May 25, 2006

We WILL Remember in November!

The Washington Post has a story on the upcoming voted on the Senate Immigration bill the first line reads:
"The Senate moved to the verge of passing landmark immigration legislation yesterday.."

Yep, landmark it is on how the Senate will have screwed the middle class taxpayers of this country who are already paying to subsidize the illegal immigrant workforce in this country. The Senate bill will only increase that burden on the same taxpayers. The only solution is to Remember in November all those Senators Democrat and Republican who vote for passage of this flawed bill today and vote against them in the upcoming elections. Maybe then both parties will remember they are supposed to represent the wishes of the people who elected them and not the cheap labor and pro illegal immigrant lobbying interests who are pushing for passage of this bill.


Anonymous said...

No to earned citizenship?! No to a guest worker program!? Sounds good. Just line up all the graduating high school seniors from anytown usa suburbs and get 'em working in the hot sun picking produce, cleaning hotel rooms, wiping you grandfolks butt... shit... they wouldn't last one hour. America can't wipe their ass without immigrant labor. Just a fact.

BCP said...

No problem from me on a guest worker program for legal immigrants. There are hundreds of thousands even millions willing to come here legally under such a program. I do have a problem with rewarding those who willingly violated our immigration laws being rewarded with "paths to citizenship". Our laws need to enforced and respected not broken and neglected.