Friday, April 28, 2006

Another reFINEery mess you've got us into Oily!

From today's Washington Post:
"Bush renewed his call for Congress to give him the authority to "raise" mileage standards for all passenger cars. White House officials said later, however, that they didn't know when or how the president would use that authority."

The last thing that congress should do is give Bozo Bush more authority. He has proven over the years to just be one dumb sonofabitch and finally most of the country realizes it a little too late.

Meanwhile, Charles Krauthammer tries to explain the supply and demand excuse but, of course ignores the fact that to the oil companies supply and demand means that they control the supply and can demand whatever they want and so the industry has blocked attempts to reopen refineries because it would mean more supply and more pressure to keep prices and there profits down.

Then of course there were the warnings ignored by the Congress and the Bush administration about what is happening today and it came form OPEC'S Opec President Ahmad Fahd Al Sabah who said last June that Opec members want oil consuming countries to build more refineries
after warning that the cartel cannot contain prices or correct a shortage of finished petroleum products. Congress and Bush did not listen then and that's why they are getting an earful from angry constiuents today.

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