Friday, April 21, 2006

Gas prices whose to blame? The usual suspects.

The Washington Post has the usual crocodile tear excuses from the oil companies and of course a media PR job will no doubt be increased by the oil companies to say it's not their fault. It was only a month ago that where were increased stocks of supply. So how is we are facing three dollar plus a gallon gas this month? What does everyone expect with the two oil men in the White House. The oil companies know that they have the next two and a half years to soak the public and increase their profits. So I doubt much will change until Bush is out of the White House or congress changes.
Though I rarely listen to or believe Pat Robertson and his crazy Christian pronoucments he did say one thing that did come true. That was in 2001 when he was denied the ability to open up a closed refinery in California he said because of that we in the U.S. would be facing three dollar a gallon gas. He was right. Again the usual suspects are those who control the supply and therefore the price that the American public pays.
Then of course there was the gift that the Republicans gave away to the oil companies with the passage of the Energy Bill cooked up in the back room by Dick Cheney and his Oil cronies. Meanwhile in Houston they are dancing all the way to the bank and the rest of America is crying at the pump.

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