Sunday, April 30, 2006

Catholic church preaches the politics of immigration!

I could not believe it! There was my girlfriend on the phone outraged at the homily she heard at church regarding illegal immigration. let me explain something about my girlfriend. Since she retired she has gone to school and gotten acredited to teach ESOL (English as a Second Language). She teaches at a local college two nights a week and even voluteers at a church here in DC teaching ESOL one night a week to immigrants. So her view of illegal immigrants and mine are some what at odds in some of the debate. That is why it was interesting to hear her outrage at the priest in the Catholic church using the pulpit to present a one sided arguement to allow amnesty for illegal immigrants. She goes to church every week for solice (and to pray for my imortal soul) but, this week she was outraged at the priest using the pulpit to push for illegal immigrant amnesty. She was so outraged she said she might even write a letter.
Meanwhile in todays Washington Post is an article that is eye opening regarding the cost of immigration on middle class taxpayers. The article looks at an immigrant he is legal but, does not mention any thing about his girlfriend with whom he has a child and two more from a previous marraige he makes $30,000 a year working in a restaurant his girfriend $18,000. The local school district pays over $32,000 to educate his two school age children and will no doubt pay wfor the third. He sends $1,200 back to his home country, spends $7,800 on groceries and $1,680 on cable and of course they don't have insurance so if anyone in the family gets sick guess who will pay for that! Hola! American sucker taxpayers!

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