Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dumb and dumber Democrats!

Lately it seems I am getting more pissed off at the Democrats than the Republicans at least when it comes to illegal immigration. The latest dumb quote comes from an article in today's Washington Post which quotes Alvaro Cifuentes head of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus saying:

"We believe that any immigrant _ any immigrant _ residing in this nation has a right _ a right _ to have access to the process allowing U.S. citizenship. No ifs. No buts,"

It is this type reasoning that drives me nuts and may cause the Democrats votes in this years election. This is like saying a burglar has the right to take anything in your home once he has broken into it. It's just utter nonsense and the Democratic party had better understand that middle class taxpayers/voters will support immigrants who come to this country legally. But, what they won't support is rewarding illegal immigrants with amnesty and citizenship no matter how many demonstrations the the pro-illegal immigrant forces organize.

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