Sunday, April 02, 2006

NYC Mayor Bloomberg says it's ok for illegals to break laws

Republican New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says it's ok for illegals to continue to break the law. He also supports amnesty for the illegals in this country even though it "may very well be rewarding lawbreaking.''
He says that the illegals don't use that much services from the city so that they are a plus for the economy. Though other reports show a different story.
How nice for Mayor Bloomberg to say it's ok to reward illegals for breaking U.S. laws. I worked in New York City for twenty years and paid a New York City tax that was deducted from my paycheck every week. I did not live in New York I commuted from Long Island. I did not use any City services but, I paid that City Tax every week. What a sucker I was. I should have not paid any of those City taxes and then I too could have been rewarded for breaking the law as New York City's Mayor Mike Bloomberg wants to do for the illegals.

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