Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Republicans are right! Democrats are in denial.

As a life long Democrat I have to admit the the Republican House bill is more to what the U.S. voters want in terms of handling immigration. Tougher border security and REAL enforcement of our immigration laws are what the majority of taxpayers want from Congress. The article in yesterday's Washington Post is so off the mark that if the Republicans cave in they will really be defeated. I think it is the Democrats who will feel the wrath of the voters this November if they continue to try and please the pro illegal immigrant forces against the wishes of the middle class taxpayers who subsidize illegal immigrants so businesses can have cheap labor and the Catholic church can have more butts in their pews. It is the Democrats that are in peril of losing any chance of taking the house. What the Democrats need to remember is the while limousine liberals like Ted Kennedy were speaking and pandering to the crowds of illegal immigrants in Washington the real Democrats were at work trying to make enough money to make ends meet. The Democrats seems to have forgotten who they are supposed to represent and it may be the middle class voters who remind them at the polls in November.

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